Saturday, January 3, 2015

Depths of Resistance

There is a river of emptiness disturbed by a seemingly uncertain force,unexpected and unchallenged as it permeates through the walls that safeguards whats left of an abyss once. All resistance seems to fail and stop this unexplained phenomenon to break the walls. This abyss is about to break.

A touch of serenity
Into the hands of a forlorn stone
It calls that Midas touch
Path of the broken once that was shown
For a thousand years
Its just a blackhole that was left unknown
Away from the oceans of life
Like a child in the street on his own
None to see
He dies everyday alone
Why does it look familiar
Why does it sound similar
Why does it feels like home
Nothing changes
As an abstract of incompleteness
He stares at this force of change
He must die alone

Friday, September 24, 2010


This an attempt to understand the relation between the intake of drugs along with computer addiction - especially in context to the development of Artificial Intelligence and artificial neural networks.

Something, can never change - fundamental paranoia
Living is not a disgrace that anyone should fear
Constant fear triangulation of the free will
But the word of wisdom sinks the other way
Died long ago , It sinks in more
Nothing will ever touch its face
It doesnt feel it , It doesnt see it
It keeps drowning in the aisle

Eye hole deep within the abyss of wrath sublime
One can never invoke a lifelessness this way
Curiosity made this world cross everyline
Now its stuck between the rock and the day

Someday, the day will change, fundamental dilemma
Will it ever reach the unspoken surface again
Distant cover , the insulation of mind keeps faking
But the word of wisdom falls the other way
Died long go, deep inside the core
Nothing can ever win this race
It doesnt want it , It doesnt hate it
It just keeps falling in the aisle

Blackhole deep inside the abyss of wrath sublime
Can we ever provoke a willful insight this way
Meaningless within every single conscious climb
Now its stuck again with nothing really to say

Something is really numb about,
Way the shores have cut the sea
Tranquilized to everything
Bitter cold in the lost mystery
This blinding paradox sulking within
This blinding paradox is never seen
It doesnt feel anything within
This irrelevance can never be a sin

Skull smashed deep inside the abyss of wrath sublime
Will it ever shatter the remains of another day ?
Hanging closely holding the hands of rushing time
We are just lifeless human clay


In the wake of a silent summer
On the meadows of a conditioned wrath
Seconds incrementing in gapless opposites
Is this all , this body can have ?

Symbols diminishing the creation process
A state of being wake , sleeping sleepless
Visually soothing to the third eye inside
Fundamental chaos , order on the other side

Through somebody, a different body
Faceless in the awareness of the mind
Disguised in blue primitive artifacts
Is this all , our lives can leave behind ?

Indelible desire to confront inner liberty
Infallibly fallible behind the unseen apathy
This body holding us, is all an illusion
This soul holding us , is all an illusion

Undeniable atrophy, this intellectual prison
Morphing the silent summer, a cold reason
Through someone, a different to none
Is this all , that is universally undone ?

The will is not free - it is a phenomenon bound by cause and effect - but there is something behind the will which is free.
Swami Vivekananda

The Abstractist

By the virtue of myth, an explanation was tried
Humble by the fleet, thoughts march up to the night
The soul lies in dreams with eyes tightly shut
Encircled by the spectrum of polychromatic light

Wishful thinking on the brink of a sunrise
Old ways are sinking , giving way to the wise
The soul lies in dreams with heart open wide
The gift of abundance cant be more precise

Sweet fragrance of self-discovery molds the mind
A lesson engraved with every moment unsigned
The soul lies in dreams with clarity in choice
The unification of the day leaves the answers behind

The chase for the meaning is the collage of space
Origins of life makes every move without a trace
The soul lies in dreams with a cosmic resurrection
Into the crater of nameless , the peaceful ways

Time has frozen, its only a factor with now
Flying grains of sand creates the bed somehow
The soul lies in dreams on this bed of earth
Embraces a wisdom, seeking the clear skies above

So divinely is the world organized that every one of us, in our place and time, is in balance with everything else.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 - 1832)

Extinct Soul

There is a one way street on a little left of the uphill
Where the clouds bring no rain
There is a ragged man who walks through the life's standstill
On this street time and again

Dying orchids witness a late autumn from the sky
Decaying leaves of imagination remains

There is a miracle that awaits in the forlorn corners of rust
For a mother watching her child in dismay
Looking on the lower window covered by a leap of dust
The humble sunset conclude another day

Fading by the moment the walls of wish chatters
Inside a castle of the ragged man's dream
Shinning on contempt the pieces of hope scatters
Through a conviction of futile redeem

There is a deserted coffee shop swirling a pale invitation
To a chromatic world of lost harmony
Ascending by the hourglass a touch of tale creation
On a note of broken symphony

Chasing the feeble thoughts the twisted rigs unfurls
Into a casket of silenced mind
A grim coldness in heart and sublime beauty of young girls
Scripting an art for the blind

Beneath the perils, the shadow of the child keeps moving
Asking the ragged man's ambition
Casting a stalemate , the emptiness keeps improving
My life undergoes the final transition


Sitting numb,stateless and without a thought
Thinking about what to think
A shift inside the ubiquity of the soul
The curtains of reality begins to shrink

A dilemma on the path of higher time
Residing boredom needs some space
Randomizing the means for conscious climb
Self-awareness comes in all spiral ways

Innovation of distant spots in the future
An artistic revelation of the intuition
Sitting engrossed , this mind begins to capture
The infinite possibilities in a primal fission

Theories comes close to an elementary reason
But curiosity still remains the planted gift
Like an usherette who shows way to the hour
When the movie of our lives begins to drift

Walls move close and melt down in a blink
Thinking about something to rethink
Past is merely a perception , future is always clean
Its our actions in present that should not sink

But present is always the resultant dimension
And actions are guided by choice
Since choice was always an illusion
Universe is one single voice