Friday, September 24, 2010


Sitting numb,stateless and without a thought
Thinking about what to think
A shift inside the ubiquity of the soul
The curtains of reality begins to shrink

A dilemma on the path of higher time
Residing boredom needs some space
Randomizing the means for conscious climb
Self-awareness comes in all spiral ways

Innovation of distant spots in the future
An artistic revelation of the intuition
Sitting engrossed , this mind begins to capture
The infinite possibilities in a primal fission

Theories comes close to an elementary reason
But curiosity still remains the planted gift
Like an usherette who shows way to the hour
When the movie of our lives begins to drift

Walls move close and melt down in a blink
Thinking about something to rethink
Past is merely a perception , future is always clean
Its our actions in present that should not sink

But present is always the resultant dimension
And actions are guided by choice
Since choice was always an illusion
Universe is one single voice

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