Saturday, January 3, 2015

Depths of Resistance

There is a river of emptiness disturbed by a seemingly uncertain force,unexpected and unchallenged as it permeates through the walls that safeguards whats left of an abyss once. All resistance seems to fail and stop this unexplained phenomenon to break the walls. This abyss is about to break.

A touch of serenity
Into the hands of a forlorn stone
It calls that Midas touch
Path of the broken once that was shown
For a thousand years
Its just a blackhole that was left unknown
Away from the oceans of life
Like a child in the street on his own
None to see
He dies everyday alone
Why does it look familiar
Why does it sound similar
Why does it feels like home
Nothing changes
As an abstract of incompleteness
He stares at this force of change
He must die alone